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Zombies & Bubble Wrap

Horror was one of my favorite movie genres growing up. I would spend what would seem like hours at the local video store browsing cheesy 80’s horror flicks with my mom. Night of the Living Dead, the original black and white version, was my very first horror film I watched. It scared the living s**t…

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7,200 Seconds

When I was a kid, I would play barbies for hours on end. I was barefoot all summer long and rode my bike till the streetlights came on. I would catch lightning bugs and make houses for earthworms and potato bugs. I dreamed of one day becoming a marine biologist or a veterinarian. My biggest…

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A Barrel of Coffee

According to ancient lore, 16th century monks trained their companion dogs to serve as rescue animals. They would strap barrels of Brandy around their necks and send them out to find and rescue unlucky travelers gone astray. The survivors would then drink the alcohol to stay warm while waiting to be rescued. Now you’re probably…

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Pass the Guac!

It was the day before my first day back at work. My boyfriend and I decided to do a trial run to my office just to make sure I could handle the drive. As luck would have it, I work only four miles away. I was a little shaky at first, but then I realized—I…

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Can-Can Girl

After the sudden passing of my beloved dog, King, I felt emptiness. I lost my best friend and companion. About 4 days after his passing, I started experiencing numbness in my right leg. Sort of like pins and needles. My arms were falling asleep at night and my memory wasn’t all there. I passed it…

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My Journey Begins

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis on Monday, January 21, 2019. Join me on my candid journey as I navigate life with MS. My name is Brandy Stowe and I am the Mutha Fuckin MS Warrior.

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